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We watch them. We listened to them. We argued. We smiled. We wailed. We yelled. We hoped. We voted. We screamed of joy. We booed of disapproval. We went to bed.

Came November 5 and we crashed. We are officially in the voter hangover state. Or post-sugar-rush syndrome. Or PTSD. Call it any name you like, but my 50+ character office never been quieter than on that day. No arguing, yelling, whispering under breath, or else. Nothing, Nada, none. Balloon popped, air’s gone. Elvis had left the building.

Had he? No, he is just playing invisible man.

I’d say, those who had lost are not in the mood; those who had won,  do not want to tease the elephant. Either side is not settled yet  with what just had happened. As rare as they are, emotional withdrawals get us up close to what ancient Greek called “catharsis”.

Though sensationally it may vary from a cold shower to hitting a brick wall, the end result is awakening as one is thrown out of his comfy stalemate state.

Regardless of Mr. President Elect agenda, we have to face facts that are hard to argue – something gonna give and we all do not want to be on the fault line when the crack opens.

Call it socialism, capitalism, communism – but era of burgeoning middle-man must end.

Personally, I do not give a cow’s fart for  what they do – sell shares, sign-off risky mortgages, run distribution center, or push overpriced tickets on the street’s corner. Speculation is not a reputable profession. Even the World oldest  profession demands for the provider’s participation on a very personal level. Middle-men are pimps of unregulated Globalization.

“We, the consumers…” already expressed our will by switching over to the supply chains that bare less of the middle-man  influence, – Internet or mail-order, namely. On-line sale number are climbing every year. One actually can call the place and bargain for a deal. Regardless of the end-result, nobody would stick corporate policy up to your nose as the fig leaf of an excuse to avoid admitting that free market principals do not apply to the middle-men driven stores.

“We cannot give you this price,but we will match it.” Nice, so you would rather lose this sale opportunity, but could not stand temptation to bring your competitor’s numbers down. How about you sell 50 items at bargain price and make more money than your fig leaf of policy worth?

Now, imaging our World without pimps on every corner.

Imaging a doctor who does not prescribe trial medicine for your kids to get kickbacks from pharmaceutical company; imaging government working for you, rather than those who can afford buying its attention; imaging jobs not being lost over corporate greed; imaging elderly people getting health care they deserve instead of discounted services approved by insurance companies; imaging working to live rather than the opposite; and more, and more and more…

I would like it. Time has come. Let’s give it a chance. Long Live Change. We need it.


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